I had a wonderful experience working with Kathy on a babywearing consultation. After unsuccessful attempts to wear my firstborn, I thought that carriers just weren’t made for my body type. Kathy and I texted about my needs and concerns before she brought over several different brands and types of carriers. She knew how to make almost everything fit comfortably and showed me several techniques to get the carriers on and off comfortably by myself.

Sure enough, we found the best fit for me and Kathy even demonstrated how I could nurse my baby in the carrier! (Kathy does not sell carriers or work for any of the brands. She just wants you to find what works).

With Kathy’s recommendations and advice, I was able to successfully wear (and nurse) my 6-week-old baby through two airports and two flights by myself. I never would have had the confidence to try without Kathy and her friendly wealth of healthy babywearing knowledge.