Lactation Counseling

My goal is to be a supportive and welcoming resource for nursing families. I provide judgment free, evidence based counseling designed to meet individual needs. I know how hard it can be to get out of the house with an infant, and possibly other children in tow. By providing in home lactation support, I can relieve the stress of having to go to one more place.

During our appointment we will discuss your concerns, your feeding goals, and what you would like help with, and then with your consent I’ll provide hands on assistance where it’s needed. I follow up each visit with an email outlining what we talked about, and I’m always available for more support via text, email, or phone

Initial intake and assessment $90 within 15 min radius of 90713, +$15 for 16-30 min radius

Follow up lactation appointments include a weight check, a quick observation of feeding and assistance, an update of the feeding plan if needed, and continued email and text support.

Follow up $55 within 15 min radius of 90713, +$15 for 16-30 min radius

All payments are due at the time of service. I accept PayPal or cash.

I want lactation help to be available for everyone who needs it. If the cost feels prohibitive for your family, please contact me to discuss your options.